Ride report from the Downieville ride.

Indian Valley Campground
Downieville Riding area
Steve Hinton
Mark Miller
Hadley Osran
Robert Breese
Garrett Smith
Carl Brandt
Trip started off with a Bang… Literally as the tire on Marks trailer blew 15 miles out of Paso. Put on the spare and decided it wasn’t worthy of the rest of the trip. Turned around and headed back into Paso to Marks Tire service. He had us back on the road in no time. Marks wallet was a little lighter but he was due for tires anyway.
Finally made it to the Campground at just after sunset. Hinton and Larry were already set up in the neighboring campsite. We broke out a few beers to celebrate. Carl threw the enchiladas Carlito into the oven and we dined in fine fashion. We always eat good on these adventures.
The next morning we enjoyed breakfast compliments of Chef Steve Tasty spicy potatoes and scrambled eggs quite the feast.
The first days ride took us up Fiddle Creek a cool single track. We explored around a bit and fixed a few things on Carl’s bike met a nice couple that joined up with us for the day. All in all we did a mellow 45 miles of mostly single track.
Hadley served up some of his famous Indian Curry always a treat. A few more beers and the day was complete.
Sunday we took to the highway and cruised up to Downieville. A beautiful ride along the Yuba river through the trees. Steve was leading us. And took us straight to the edge. The edge of 2nd divide trail. We enjoyed some well exposed trails as we worked our way up the mountains. We finally made it to Snake Lake after some bone jarring boulder fields. this was our half way point. From there we headed up to a cool look out above Wades Lake, Jamison Lake and Rock lake. We all took advantage of a little cell reception and checked in with the rest of the world. After cruising through the forests and mountains we headed back down Lavezzola Creek single track, what a cool trial, back into Downieville and returned to camp on the highway again.
It was Steve’s turn to impress us with his dinner cooking skills and he didn’t disappoint. Tri tip and beans. and of course the obligatory beer.
Monday, we did a short loop up Fiddle Creek and back so we could get on the road and get home before dark. The best laid plans of mice and moto men. Some where between Stockton and Mantica on the 5 in rush hour traffic Hotel Carlito decided its rear tire was done so as the trip had started so it ended with a second blow out. As luck would have it there was a tire store very near by, Carl dropped a few bills on a four pack of rear tires.Thank you Les Schwab.
Overall a great trip. Excellent riding, excellent food, excellent company, no injuries and no insurmountable breakdowns.