Los Padres NF has announced they are going into  fire restrictions for all areas  except designated campfire use sites.  This has been subject to a lot of confusion because we have heavily used dispersed camping/staging  areas at Pozo that are not designated campsites.

 Fire restricted areas include Turkey Flats,  Turkey II, and any dispersed camping areas along Red Hill Rd, Navajo Rd, Queen Bee Rd, or Pine Mtn trail at Chester Springs.

Chaparral moisture level is at 39%.  Anything below 36% is at very high risk for ignition. We’ve already had a fire that started near Navajo Flats last month that burned 20 acres.  We got lucky with that one.  I really don’t think you want to be the one who burns up our trails!

Fires in rock  fire rings are not allowed!  If you see a rock fire ring please call Pozo station and ask them to  remove it.  If no one is available be careful to extinguish any active embers and remove the rock ring.  It may be hot, so be careful.
Los Padres Forest Order:

“No open fires, campfires or charcoal fires will be permitted outside of developed recreation sites or designated Campfire Use Sites, even with a valid CA Campfire Permit. Lanterns and portable stoves using gas, jellied petroleum or pressurized liquid fuel will be permitted, but only with a valid CA Campfire Permit, which can be obtained at the Ready For Wildfire website.”
Designated campsites at Pozo are Hi Mtn Campground, Friis Camp, Navajo Flats, and La Panza Campground only. 
No fires are allowed at Turkey Flats and the Turkey II dispersed camping area.
Thanks for your consideration!

To all potential volunteers.  The CCMA will be scheduling one or two work days in the November/December 2013 time frame.  The work days will concentrate on water bar maintenance on the Pozo trails.  This involves hand tools used to clean out existing water bars so that they drain correctly.  This maintenance work helps to preserve the water bars so that they do not wash out.  It is not difficult work, but the soil must be moist.  Scheduling of the work days will be on short notice because of the need to have moist soils, but not too wet.  So, this is a heads up.  If you are interested look for e-mails in the November/December time frame announcing work day specifics.

In the meantime, if you have questions please call Bruce Whitcher at 805.459.7111 or e-mail at user501968@aol.com  or Dennis Law 805.801.8829 dlaw@amblaw.com

Work is needed on all trails, but especially Tower trail, Burnout and Las Chiches.  Work will consist of clearing drains and some brushing.  Some tools will be provided but volunteers should bring their own if possible.